Welcome welcome! :) I am Tilek.

In case you came to learn about me...

I grew up in Kyrgyzstan where my first dream job was to become a math teacher until I first encountered a computer. It was an 8-bit Soviet computer called Korvet (Корвет). Quite soon I realized that you can do all sorts of fun pranks with it, as well as math too! My mom later told me that it could also be a good career path (what luck!), so decided to definitely study software engineering and applied to American University in Central Asia. 5 amazing years later literally unbelievably for me Google recruiters reached out to me based on my resume on Monster.com and (after my second attempt) I found myself at Google on the The Emerald Isle.

After several years of great craic in Ireland I then had a quick fun stint in Switzerland before finally moving to San Francisco.

Now I work for a company that is called X. Yes, just X. :) It used to be called Google[x] until 2015 when it became one of Google's sister companies in a new family called Alphabet. X is an incubator that aims to launch "moonshots" - projects with ambitious goals around technology and positive impact on the society. Graduates of X include self-driving car company Waymo, life sciences company Verily, and machine learning infrastructure Google Brain.

At X I am a project lead focused on mapping global connectivity, energy, greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and the planet in general.

In music one of my favorites is Fatboy Slim, in art - Dali, and at the moment TV shows I like watching are Rick and Morty, Black Mirror, and Westworld.


Some other topics I am interested in

Addictions, animal rights, biases, Burning Man, climate change, Communist Manifesto, edutainment, effective altruism, extending lifetime of our universe, mission statement for humanity, moral mathematics, North Korea, power distribution, quantum computing, rationality, socialism, superintelligence, technological singularity, theoretical physics, universe as a simulation, utopia.

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